I am unable to install Writefull

You should first check that your operating system, MS Office version, and/or browser support Writefull.
For Writefull for Word (Windows): Microsoft Office 2013 or newer For Writefull for Word (Mac or Word Online): Microsoft Office 2016 or newer, Microsoft Office 365, Word Online For Writefull for Overleaf: Google Chrome, Chromium, and Brave. For Writefull Revise: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge (Chromium-based build, post January 15, 2020).
If you are using Writefull for Word from a university-owned laptop/computer, or a personal one with an institutional MS Office license, you may need to contact your system administrator. They will need to whitelist Writefull to enable you to install the Word add-in.

I am unable to log in to Writefull

If you have just installed Writefull, you need to create an account before logging in. To do so in Word, click Sign in on the log-in screen, enter your details, and click Save. In Overleaf, open the Writefull sign-up screen, enter your details, and click Create account. You will then receive a confirmation email. Click the link to verify the email. You can now log in.
Alternatively, you may need to reset your password if you have forgotten it. Jump to How to change my Writefull password.

I've exceeded the number of requests per day

This can happen when checking or uploading very long texts, and means that you reached your daily usage allowance of Writefull. Alternatively, this may be due to connecting from a shared IP address, for example when on campus. You will either need to wait until the next day to use Writefull again, or upgrade to Premium in Writefull for Word or Writefull for Overleaf to get unlimited usage.

I cannot upload my file to Writefull

Please make sure that the file you upload to Writefull Revise is a .docx, .doc, or .tex format. Your file should also not exceed the maximum file size (see below).

My file is too big to upload to Writefull

In the first instance, try removing tables and figures from your document (as these are not processed in Writefull Revise anyway). If your file is still too big, consider breaking your text into several files instead.

Microsoft Word Add-in issues

You cannot access AppSource (you are using an institutional/company system)
Some institutions and companies limit users’ access to AppSource, for security reasons. This will result in an inability to access our mac and online version of Writefull for Word. In this instance, please contact your system administrator. If you are a Windows user, please try our installable version.
You do not see the Writefull Add-in in Word
Please go to Insert > Add-ins > My Add-ins. If you see Writefull there, click Writefull and “Add”. This will add Writefull to Word. If you do not see Writefull, click “Get Add-ins” and search for “Writefull”. Then click "Writefull” and “Add”.
System Compatibility
Writefull for Word is compatible with Word 2016 and newer versions and Windows 7+ and newer.
If you have 32-bit Microsoft Word or Windows operating system, please contact us at support@writefull.com