Writefull Revise - User Guide


What is Writefull Revise?

Writefull Revise is a web application that screens your text for correctness of grammar, word use, style, word order, phrasing, and more. It allows you to upload your document and download a revised version. This is great as a final language revision right before submitting your work—for example, to a journal, conference, or your supervisor.
Writefull Revise uses Writefull’s language models to suggest improvements. As Writefull’s models have been trained on published papers, the language feedback that Revise gives is tailored to research writing. Its language edits do not only correct your language; they also ensure that your text follows the norms of academic writing.
Writefull is developed especially for students and researchers. It offers a range of writing tools, including services for Microsoft Word and Overleaf. For more information, see https://writefull.com/.
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Accessing Writefull Revise

Writefull Revise is available to institutions only. Your university, research center, department, or company needs to have a Writefull for Institutions license for you to get access. Besides Writefull Revise, a license for institutions offers access to Writefull for Word, Writefull for Overleaf, Writefull X, and Writefull Cite. Find more information about Writefull for Institutions on our website.

Using Writefull Revise

Upload your document

Please make sure that the file you upload to Writefull Revise is in .docx format. After uploading, Writefull will process your text, and you will be invited to download the revised document.

Accessing your revised document

Once you click the button to download your revised document, the download will start automatically. Open the file in Microsoft Word to see Writefull’s language edits in Track Changes. You can then use Word’s built-in ‘Review’ functionality to access or reject Writefull’s edits. After this, you can save your revised document.
This is an example of a document revised by Writefull:
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Contacting us

We are always happy to hear your feedback. If you come across a bug, are missing a feature or have any questions, please contact us at support@writefull.com.